Chief Technology Officer
Aaron Sloman, OWNZONES CTO

Aaron Sloman is Chief Technology Officer of OWNZONES Media Network. Since 2015, Aaron  has managed the company’s enterprise systems and solutions, and oversees all aspects of technology architecture for the B2B and B2C lines of the business as well as device releases.  Additionally, he pilots both the U.S. product development team and the technical team based in Romania, and coordinates operations between the two.  Aaron, notably, was responsible for leading the technical development of the company’s OTT platform, OWNZONES Connect and the proprietary IMF cloud transcoder.

A serial entrepreneur, Aaron, as either a Founder or Co Founder, launched several startups prior to joining OWNZONES, the most recent being AdotMe, a LinkedIn concept for children. Other ventures include Nimble Software Systems, Inc., CrossFit Chalk, Communities for Cause and speakTECH.  During this time, Aaron served as Chief Strategy Officer at Veebit, a predictive analytics company employing advanced psychometrics in conjunction with big data.  He directed the mapping and product development, designed with open architecture and flexibility, of Veebit’s proprietary measurement models to generate relevant value profiles.

Aaron, a former Microsoft alum, worked there during the surge of technological change in the late 90’s, marked by fierce competition for browser and platform domination and the evolution of data-driven user experiences.   In 2005, Aaron left Microsoft to form speakTECH, a technology consulting firm, acquired by Perficient in 2010.  Aaron grew speakTECH into a leading implementation partner for companies including Disney, Dell, MySpace and Microsoft. After the acquisition, Aaron spent two years at Perficient, where he led their Microsoft business practice, and helped drive M&A efforts and strategy and organizational restructuring.

During the week, Aaron can be found listening to his meditation lessons while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 freeway to and from the office.