AWS Datasync Removes Last Barrier To Fully Adopting The Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has heard your needs and built a powerful data transfer system to help you migrate to the cloud.


At the 2018 AWS re:Invent, Amazon announced that they had completed the beta testing with select partners of their new data transfer system, AWS DataSync. OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies showcased their commitment to cloud excellence by leveraging DataSync for our cloud-native platform, Connect, and saw immediate improvements.

Comparing one of the more common data transfer systems, AWS CLI, with this new system, we noted nearly double the transfer speeds and much greater speed consistency. DataSync is able to consistently use the amount of bandwidth available to allow an overall faster experience.

“Making effective use of network bandwidth and achieving high throughput are essential, with reliability, security, and ease of use.
<DataSync> can run 10 times as fast as open source data transfer”
Jeff Barr
 – AWS


This tool comes at a perfect time as the industry is aggressively shifting to the cloud. Hundreds of companies are trying to figure out how to manage the process, cost and time necessary for migrating to the cloud and finding that the initial transfer can feel prohibitive. DataSync addresses this concern by offering a faster and more efficient transfer system, opening wide the doors to any business trying to prepare for the future. In effect, DataSync removes one of the last barriers to fully adopting a cloud system.

AWS DataSync Workflow

We’re also excited about some of DataSync’s features that allow our clients to manage their own synchronization into our platform. By leveraging their own AWS account, our clients can transform and deliver their content to hundreds of end points while maintaining total control and oversight of their library of content.

OWNZONES is delighted to be able to leverage this new tool to better serve our customers and offer an ever improving cloud solution for the entertainment industry. If you’d like to learn more about our solutions, or how we leverage the cloud, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!