Direct 4K HDR IMF Delivery is Here with the OWNZONES Connect™ and Netflix Backlot Integration

The M&E industry is launching into 2020 with one principal trend at the helm–cloud-based workflows. 

In 2019, 77% of enterprises had at least one application or a portion of their enterprise computing infrastructure in the cloud. Cisco predicts that by 2021, 94% of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centers. 

Content companies are benefiting from the flexibility, scalability, and shorter time-to-market that the cloud affords them. Leaders like Netflix have also spearheaded the adoption of the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) in cloud-based production workflows to enable flexible versioning and reduced storage requirements. But there was a particular gap in the IMF delivery workflow that made it inefficient and time-consuming to operate in the cloud.


The Problem

A major pain point for companies using content supply chain tools in the cloud was having to
download an IMF package locally and re-upload it in order to actually deliver it to a platform. 

Here’s an all-too-common scenario: you’ve already ingested your content into the cloud, made all the required localizations, and performed final QC procedures, but when it’s time to deliver your content, it could take you hours upon hours to download and re-upload it to the platform. 

As companies continue to leverage more cloud-based tools all along the content supply chain, this problem will become common and debilitating, particularly when dealing with high res content like 4K. 

In response to this need, we partnered with Netflix to provide a solution that closed this gap in cloud-based IMF delivery.


Filling in the Gaps

We’ve integrated
OWNZONES Connect™, the cloud-native video supply chain platform, with Netflix Backlot to enable content studios and post-production houses to deliver IMF packages to Netflix via API entirely within the cloud.

There’s no longer a need for operators to download and re-upload an entire package to Backlot. When it comes time to deliver, simply select Netflix Backlot as the delivery destination in the Connect UI and the IMF package is directly sent and delivered into Backlot. 

The integration allows you to leverage all your preferred cloud-based tools and still be able to deliver seamlessly in the cloud without having to pull the file down locally. Content can now be stored, managed, localized, and delivered without ever having to leave the cloud. 

As a result, today it’s now faster and easier than ever before to make IMF deliveries to Netflix.


Technicolor Bob Eicholz

As demand for quick content delivery continues to grow and production timelines continue to shrink, this integration with Backlot provides content owners and creators the solution they need to
simplify workflows and continue to churn out top-notch content. 

Some companies have already started to take advantage of the time savings and have been able to send multiple 4K HDR IMF episodes through the Connect UI to Backlot. Our customers can now reallocate resources to content production and transformation while ensuring their content is packaged into IMF and delivered–with a click of a button.

Technicolor, the leader in VFX, animation and post-production, and a Netflix preferred partner, has adopted Connect to migrate some of its post-production workflows to the cloud, reducing storage requirements and accelerating IMF delivery with the Netflix integration. 

“We just finished our first season of a Netflix original series using Connect, and we had a faster, easier delivery experience than ever before,” said Bob Eicholz, Chief Technology Officer, Production Services, at Technicolor. “We can now securely deliver an IMF package to Backlot entirely in the cloud with the click of a button in a fraction of the time it previously took, which has made a world of a difference for our workflow efficiency and our bottom line.” 

By leveraging the scalability of the cloud and the flexibility of our API, we’ve partnered with Netflix to simplify one of the most complex content delivery obstacles.

The Netflix Backlot integration is part of a larger constellation of features offered within Connect that are making it easier for companies to migrate their workflows into the cloud. The Connect dashboard provides seamless workflow traffic, allowing geographically dispersed teams to collaborate on the same project without the limitations that hardware servers often bring. Powered by AI, Connect’s FrameDNA tool enables our customers to programmatically identify similarities in content, eliminating redundancy to shrink content libraries for transfer to the cloud.

Interested to see how utilizing a cloud-based supply chain tool can streamline your content workflows? Reach out today to learn more and get in touch with one of our experts.