LOS ANGELES, December 1, 2020 — OWNZONES™ Entertainment Technologies, the leading cloud-based video supply chain company, has announced today that its revolutionary Deep Analysis AI-driven tool has achieved the recognition of a nomination in the IABM BaM Awards® 2020. The Broadcast and Media awards (BaMs™) are usually presented at NAB Show Las Vegas and IBC in Amsterdam by the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM) to recognise outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are taking place online.


Deep Analysis is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven AI-driven micro-service within OWNZONES Connect, the content servicing and supply chain platform in the cloud and used by many leading media companies. It uses the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) parallel computing to analyse video content upon ingest and provide an actionable summary of the content’s layout and formatting, allowing media companies to detect issues and implement rapid fixes. Deep Analysis can automatically perform a variety of different scans typically 5x faster than realtime, with further speed improvements available depending on scale in the cloud. It detects slates, bars, blacks, scene changes, texted and textless scenes, and more, flagging problem areas and freeing operators to concentrate on more creative tasks.


Once all the component elements are identified, the data can then be employed to break down contents and remove duplication, minimizing the cloud storage footprint by more than 50% and delivering significant savings over the lifecycle of an archive. With individual archives often measured in multiple petabytes, these savings can reach millions of dollars per year for content owners. Furthermore, the scan data can be saved for future localization, compliance editing, delivery, and archival needs, as well as adapted to accommodate future workflows.


“We are delighted to be nominated for this award by IABM as it showcases some of the most important new solutions impacting the market,” comments Dan Goman, OWNZONES Founder and CEO. “Media companies are seeing an increasing volume of content crossing their servers, and technologies such as Deep Analysis can save them thousands of hours of valuable employee time that is currently spent watching ingested content just to understand what it is and what further processing it might require.”


Category winner results and awards will be presented at IABM’s online awards party on Wednesday 2 December at 7pm GMT. For more information see: www.theiabm.org/iabmawards