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The Cloud Is Accelerating With Low Cost & High-Value

Cloud Computing

“Buckle up,” says Forrester. “The cloud ride is accelerating.” Nearly 60% of North American enterprises now rely on public cloud platforms, and Forrester predicts that number will increase exponentially in 2019. We’ll see the big cloud service providers grow even bigger, cloud platforms change shape, and the sweet spot of low-cost infrastructure intersecting with high-value development services make the cloud nearly impossible to resist among enterprises. Read More


Pioneers of Online Video Reveal What’s In Store for OTT

Pioneers of Video Technology

FierceVideo tapped the streaming video industry to find individuals who have been making waves in the future of online video. Key pioneers hail from companies like Amazon, AT&T, CBS Interactive, Disney Streaming Services, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, and several noteworthy others. FierceVideo shines a light on their important contributions to the field and reveals what’s in store for OTT. Read More 





WarnerMedia OTT to Rival Netflix, Prime & Disney

WarnerMedia Creates OTT Service

Speaking of making waves, John Stankey of WarnerMedia announced they will be launching a new direct-to-consumer streaming service, rivalling the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney. Their goal isn’t to make another Netflix–according to Stankey, they want to build a “compelling content offering,” drawing from the media company’s broad collection of films, television shows, and animation library. Read More


The Keys to Choosing Video AI

AI & The Cloud

Jun Heider of RealEyes Media breaks down everything you need to know about evaluating and choosing a Video AI Platform. The four key players–AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Watson Media, and Microsoft Azure’s Video Indexer–all come with their own strengths in certain areas like facial, object, and scene recognition, sentiment analysis, surveillance, and transcription or translation. Learn about how the big four are using AI for all different use cases to benefit and simplify your media enterprise needs. Read More




Magnolia Pictures Leverages Tech Partnerships for OTT Offering

Magnolia Pictures Joins forces with OWNZONES and AWS to build OTT Service

We at OWNZONES are proud to work closely with Magnolia Pictures on transcoding, delivering, and monetizing their diverse and extensive library of content for their own OTT service. When Magnolia “entered the OTT market,” notes Jeff Cuban, COO of Mark Cuban Entertainment Properties, “we saw technology infrastructure that required a massive upfront investment and didn’t offer the flexibility to adapt to our business needs nor the kind of quality our audiences expect.” OWNZONES offered Magnolia a solution. Read more about our story here. Read More

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