Magnolia Uses OWNZONES to Increase Global Reach and Gain In-Depth Audience Insights

Global Audience Through Customized OTT Platforms

Since its founding in 2001 by owners Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, Magnolia Pictures has established itself as a foremost distributor of independent films in the U.S. market, with critical hits such as Blackfish, Tangerine and I Am Not Your Negro. Magnolia combines savvy business strategies with a commitment to elevating new artists and giving voice to fiercely original points of view. - Additionally to our case study, you can read AWS' article here

With the industry’s decline in theatrical sales and the growth of over-the-top (OTT) video consumption, Magnolia’s forward-thinking leadership understood that it needed to adapt to continue to forge ahead.

They identified three primary reasons to break into the OTT space:


Among American film distributors, Magnolia’s library carries a uniquely international appeal, making a strong case for a reliable and cost effective method of global distribution.


Magnolia’s focus on building outstanding audience experiences is a top priority and the ease of use and user customizability is unparalleled with OTT platforms.


An OTT solution offers priceless user and consumption data that would help Magnolia make informed content decisions and move quickly on new business opportunities.

2016 Magnolia began its move into the OTT space

In 2016, Magnolia began its move into the OTT video market to earn new revenue and further monetize its vast, burgeoning content library. With a strong brand built on premium content and a loyal following among a diverse audience, the distributor saw an opportunity to stand apart in the fragmented, highly competitive OTT services landscape. Rather than rely solely on established subscription services, Magnolia planned to launch OTT services under its own well-recognized brand.

However, they soon encountered the inevitable challenges that accompany OTT video supply chains. For one thing, their content library contained assets that were acquired from multiple post-production houses with different technical specifications. When it came time to deliver them, each piece of content needed to be transformed to fit the proper tech specs. That’s thousands of titles that required time and attention before they could reach their final destinations. This significantly increased the overall cost of transcoding and delivery, which meant they needed a solution that could both alleviate their video supply chain as well as offer an OTT platform.

Despite these challenges, Magnolia did not sit idly by. They searched for a partner who could assist with the design and delivery of its services, while providing a video supply chain solution.
They found that partner in Ownzones Entertainment Technologies.

In next to no time, Magnolia implemented OWNZONES Connect, a proprietary, cloud-based media logistics solution, to tackle their unique challenges and requirements. With Connect, Magnolia built its services around a multi-platform strategy, delivering device-optimized audio and video to web interfaces and app-based distribution.

– Additionally to our case study, you can read AWS’ article here

Over the course of only three years,
OWNZONES successfully and efficiently delivered thousands of titles to almost a dozen different delivery points from OTT platforms to linear channels.

Magnolia’s successes didn’t stop there. In addition to Connect, Magnolia also utilized OWNZONES’ customized app-building solution, Discover. With Discover, they created subscription-based, à la carte OTT channels for each of their key genres: documentary, action, horror, comedy, and a select channel that spotlighted their most acclaimed features. Once each channel was up and running, Discover’s backend analytics gave Magnolia further insights about their audience.

With these custom build platforms, they were able to reach people from three continents and fifteen different countries

Furthermore, with these analytics, they had the opportunity to isolate the highest performing titles within their different audience markets. This was especially important, seeing as it gave them the information they needed to make lucrative decisions when selecting content in the future.

Having identified a reliable and experienced partner, Magnolia successfully launched multiple OTT platforms. With OWNZONES, they were finally able to relax and reap the benefits of growing their global audience and initiating new monetization strategies.

In conjunction with Discover, Magnolia was able to leverage Connect to exploit their content’s international appeal by distributing it to a worldwide audience. Moreover, the backend data provided by Discover also gave them invaluable insights into who made up their audiences and what they preferred when it came to content.

At OWNZONES, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide unparallelled OTT services through our Connect and Discover platforms. We are confident that we can do for other companies what we did for Magnolia through our elastic approach to scale, our predictable, low-cost pricing model, and our ability to deliver advanced encoding and audio/video processing features. Don’t let yourself (or your company) fall behind in today’s entertainment and technology landscape. Schedule a demo with us today, and stay one step ahead of the changes that come tomorrow.

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