We create technology to simplify OTT delivery and help creators reach their audiences globally in a growing $85 billion industry.
Welcome to OWNZONES Media Network (OMN). We offer motion picture, television and digital content creation professionals a proven, proprietary technology that significantly simplifies, speeds up and improves delivery to any OTT and/or traditional broadcast endpoint in the US, Europe and Asia. Stress-free and completely automated, our solution makes it much easier to prepare and deliver your content to viewers, whether they’re watching on the web, a mobile app or any connected device. We seamlessly handle all aspects of distribution, conforming to your desired platform’s optimization specs, requirements and metadata.
Since OWNZONES debut in 2010, we’ve created, launched and operated over 400 SVOD channels, integrating more than 25 global distribution end points, while transcoding and managing more than 5 million in digital assets. And we’re just getting started. The media landscape is ever-evolving. A myriad of possible distribution endpoints exist, and the future promises that more will crowd the dance floor. OWNZONES mission is to look at this landscape through the lens of tomorrow. As a go-to leader, we’ll continue to develop industry-leading, one-step-ahead ways to deliver your content effectively and efficiently. Stay tuned.

Our Story


  • OWNZONES Media Network opens for business

2010 - 2015

  • Seed capital raised from friends and family
  • Procure initial content partners
  • Establish B2C OTT platform, OWNZONES.com
  • Build and release of 400+ SVOD channels for OWNZONES.com


  • OWNZONES expands into B2B services and business solutions.
  • Launch sophisticated API to deliver SVOD/AVOD/TVOD/Live streaming channels to any distribution partner globally.
  • Secure high quality content and celebrity/influencer partners for OWNZONES.com



  • Launch next-gen Media Logistics Platform, OWNZONES Connect
  • Introduction of OWNZONES Passport Romania for Liberty Global’s UPC Romania
  • OWNZONES Specialty channel Best Westerns Ever debuts via Amazon and OWNZONES.COM
  • OWNZONES.com renames to [Flixsea]



OWNZONES constructed sophisticated API to publish “white label” SVOD/AVOD/TVOD/ Live streaming channels to any distribution partner globally

Create “evangelists” from existing strategic partners to reference technology solution


  • Cannabis lifestyle channel 420TV premieres February 22, 2018
  • Set the global standard for IMF content delivery



Collectively, the OWNZONES Media Network executive management team and strategic advisors have 70+ years of OTT experience.