CEO Europe

Constantin Lucescu is the CEO, Europe at OWNZONES.  In this role, Constantin oversees the company’s business development across Europe, while leading OWNZONES’ Romania-based technology development and support divisions.

The Romanian native joined OWNZONES at the height of an illustrious career, his accomplishments spanning five major multinational start-ups and work on three continents across multiple industries and functions. And while Constantin has achieved great success launching innovative business concepts and models into new territories, his humble beginnings reveal the story of an intuitive scrapper who fought to achieve “the American dream” before translating it into opportunity for his Romanian peers.

Constantin and his family immigrated to the U.S. in 1990, following Romania’s revolution. Like many teenagers, his first job was at McDonald’s, and was one of three jobs Constantin held simultaneously while finishing school. He was quickly promoted into management, despite his limited English fluency.

After only 5 years, Constantin seized an opportunity to join the launch of McDonald’s chain in Romania, returning to his homeland to eventually open some 35 restaurants throughout the country, plus two locations in Moldova. He had found a way to bring his success full circle—a native “expat” helping to drive Romania’s economic growth.

In the 12 years to follow, Constantin would help launch several telco and mobile start-ups into the Eastern European region.  This includes Mobifon S.A. CONNEX (now Vodafone RO), Cesky Mobil S.A. OSKAR (now Vodafone CZ), Samsung and Telemobil S.A. Zapp.

Constantin also delved into human resources, drawing from his own strengths as a true “people” person to develop successful talent strategies for others. As Chief Talent Officer for Rocket Internet, he was instrumental in staffing the company’s launch into South Africa, and his own longstanding consultancy, CDL Ventures.

Today, Constantin lives in Bucharest with his family, has a son, enjoys skiing and continues to work on his travel list “100-objective” now at over 50 countries visited.