Chief Media Architect
Kevin Freund, OWNZONES Media Network, Chief Media Architect

Kevin Freund is Chief Architect of OWNZONES Media Network. He has been a professional software developer for 30 years, and a digital media developer for 13 years.  Kevin was one of the original developers of MySpace, and oversaw all of MySpace’s Media Technology engineering and operations from 2004 until 2010.

Kevin was responsible for scaling MySpace from a site with 600,000 users to one with over 250 million users – with 2.5 million users active at any time.  Kevin built the core processing engines for MySpace Photos, MySpace Music, and MySpace Video in .NET, as well as building out many of its core components such as its encryption layer, and some of its first massive scale distributed technologies, such as “Online Now” and “Browse for Users”.

He was also instrumental in re-launching the MySpace Music platform with the U.S. major record labels, as well as architecting and overseeing the world’s first 480p webcast (live from Camp Beuhring, Kuwait), and he also oversaw the launch of MySpace China from Beijing, working directly with NewsCorp’s senior executive team.</

Kevin has been working exclusively with digital media technology, massive scale cloud media processing, and content delivery in POSIX environments for 12 years.  Kevin joined OWNZONES in 2017 and was responsible for architecting and building OWNZONES’ proprietary IMF transcoder, which powers OWNZONES Connect.