IBC 2018 – OWNZONES Connects studios and post production facilities in the cloud.

OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies ushers in a new era with it’s cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers post-production facilities and major studios alike the ability to rapidly transform and deliver media, at scale and at a fraction of the standard cost. See it live at IBC 2018 Amsterdam, September 13-18.


BEVERLY HILLS, CA  September  6, 2018 – OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies will be showcasing OWNZONES Connect unparalleled speed, cost-reduction and ease of use for post production and studios alike who want to take back control of their video supply chain. This comes just as SDI Media, the world’s leading localization provider of dubbing, subtitling, and media services, have started using OWNZONES’ SaaS solution.

Essentially creating a “Post-House and Video Supply Chain in the Cloud,” OWNZONES Connect bridges the gap between facilities, studios and content aggregators with consumer video platforms by drastically simplifying workflows. Not only does the Connect SaaS platform only require a laptop and internet connection (unlike traditional cost-prohibitive hardware solutions), it benefits from unrivaled data security with the world’s most trusted cloud infrastructure – Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Connect interface is built to be as user friendly as possible, and yet the OWNZONES team prides itself on incorporating client feedback and building rapid improvements to the interface and capabilities. This is most evident over the past year as OWNZONES has invested substantially in upgrading its platform for the unique needs of its new clients such as Zoomin.TV and MGM. This includes features such as frame accurate seeking, audio meters, selective audio channel playback and IMSC-1 converter for captions, eliminating the need to download large files just to review them.

“We are excited to be co-exhibiting with Amazon at the IBC booth this year, where we will unveil our new media delivery features, adaptively designed for the rapidly evolving media management environment,” said Dan Goman, OWNZONES’ CEO.  “We are proud of the huge strides we’ve made and are eager to share OWNZONES Connect’s capabilities.”

OWNZONES Connect ingests, categorizes and stores multiple media files in one easy-to-access location stored in the cloud, optimizing file quality for a larger reach.  It also includes a dynamic creation of video jobs based on templates, and smart agents for proactive metadata optimization. It also features an array of capabilities that work in conjunction with each other to create the ultimate post house in the cloud for IMF. This includes the Cloud IMF transcoder, the Native Cloud CPL Builder, Cloud-based CPL Source Previewer, Cloud-based IMF Playback, Supplemental Packager and Elastic Parallel Transcoding.

If you’re interested to learn more, be sure to book a demo or check out the OWNZONES booth, located in the Amazon Stand – 5.C80 (hall 5) at IBC 2018.


About OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies

OWNZONES is a pioneering technological force that’s transforming the entertainment industry with groundbreaking innovations, from digital supply chain solutions to unique, customizable video apps. Their solutions help media companies and services deliver high-quality video content to their consumers globally, at scale and at a fraction of the standard cost. OWNZONES’ philosophy is to always go beyond the current market needs and prepare for tomorrow’s transformational technologies. With this mindset, their proprietary technology enables clients to transform, deliver and monetize their video content libraries like never before.