OWNZONES Elevates George Ionita To Chief Technical Officer, Europe

LOS ANGELES/BUCHAREST  June 13, 2017 – OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies has announced the promotion of George Ionita to Chief Technical Officer, Europe. Ionita, who joined OWNZONES as a software architect in 2016, will oversee the company’s European development/engineering department, responsible for software and cross-team development from Bucharest. He will report directly to OWNZONES’ Global CTO, Aaron Sloman.

“George has been instrumental to OWNZONES’ day-to-day product development from Day 1. He’s a natural leader with a passion for technology and an eye for efficiency,” said Sloman. “His promotion was well deserved, and we look forward to seeing him do great things as CTO, Europe.”

In his new role, Ionita will oversee all development activity work streams, taking operational control of the cloud servers and reducing the time required to push new environments and create new configurations.

“I consider myself fortunate to be part of the vision for this dynamic, forward-looking company,” said Ionita.  “From a technology standpoint, OWNZONES is at the beginning of a truly exciting road ahead, with a great software development model we plan to expand and roll out in numerous territories. I’m eager to get that started.”

By the time he was just 8 years old, Ionita had a passion for computers, hacking his Z80 cassette tape computer with hand-crafted BASIC-S and assembly programs he learned to build after reading the owner’s manual inside out. He then nurtured this passion by immersing himself in programming books and hobby projects that followed him into high school and, later, college, where he was already ahead of many techniques taught in class.

In 2005, Ionita took his first junior developer job and was running a team and delivering end-to-end projects to customers just three years later. He joined Seesmic in 2010, getting the taste of the agile and ever-unpredictable start-up life while building desktop, mobile and web clients for social networks, then, the hot topic of the year.

After several years on the client side, Ionita moved into developing backend, cloud-based, distribution systems, designing ad delivery and big data analytics platforms for processing hundreds of millions of events per day, and later worked on a people search engine crunching billions of user profiles to automatically curated directories.

Joining OWNZONES in 2016, Ionita started by restructuring and consolidating the API and subscriptions system that now powers all of OWNZONES’ consumer apps. A few months later, he and his team began designing and executing one of the first 100% cloud-based solutions for media delivery, disrupting the industry by providing the most efficient, easy-to-use platform that studios and content producers can use to instantly go OTT.

When he’s not coding or engaged with his team, Ionita enjoys checking out the latest tech blogs, grooming his cats or finding new kitesurfing spots and praying for wind.

Published on Broadband TV News.