OWNZONES Releases ‘FrameDNA’ to Consolidate Content Libraries in the Cloud

The first of its kind, FrameDNA transforms the way filmmakers store and augment content for different markets


OWNZONES Connect™, the video supply chain built in the cloud, has launched OWNZONES FrameDNA, an artificial intelligence-driven tool focused on analyzing content and identifying structural similarities to reduce manual work and create massive cost savings. Leveraging IMF (Interoperable Master Format) in the cloud, the new capabilities allow large studios and content creators to sort, store, and augment multiple versions of content for simpler distribution across geographies and markets.

Studios and post-production houses have to create hundreds of versions of content for distribution across different channels, incurring huge storage and distribution costs. FrameDNA in combination with IMF enables the company’s customers to programmatically identify similarities in content, eliminating redundancy and freeing up space, making it easier to share content to different platforms and distributors.

“With FrameDNA, our customers can drastically reduce the amount of content they have to store and manage on their on-premise system or in the cloud, and programmatically create new IMFs that streamline content distribution,” said Dan Goman, CEO of OWNZONES. “By using the power of AI, we’ve gone a step further in automating our market-leading IMF capabilities, and look forward to the powerful benefit and impact it will have for our users.”

FrameDNA is a crucial tool for content producers looking to expand internationally or optimize their international operations. The technology is a powerful new feature to OWNZONES Connect, the groundbreaking cloud-based solution that enables entertainment companies to manage and deliver video efficiently and securely. Adding FrameDNA to the product stack supercharges those features and allows content operators to:

  • Create new content versions without the need to edit the file externally (via Premiere for instance). FrameDNA analyzes and fingerprints each frame, then automatically suggests a new version for you based on the file’s pixels. No offline editing needed.
  • Take a normally manually-intensive process of creating new versions of content and automate with artificial intelligence.
  • Make streamlined additional fixes or changes to content. FrameDNA can automatically determine differences between multiple versions of content and create CPL’s which aggregate those differences into data driven versions, eliminating redundant frames, video components, and metadata.

“FrameDNA allows our clients to stop avoiding their content libraries due to the barrier of huge upfront manual work. This feature analyzes, consolidates, and packages numerous content versions into a single IMF, making content libraries approachable again and easily monetized,” said Nick Nelson, Head of Product at OWNZONES.