OWNZONES Zoomin.TV Partnership

OWNZONES to Build Dedicated Apps Launching Zoomin.TV into Mobile/OTT Space & Zoomin.TV to Create Content for OWNZONES

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – November 2, 2017 – OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies company, has struck a strategic digital partnership with Zoomin.TV, a leading global publisher of online video content targeting Generation Z viewers. Under the terms of the three-year agreement, OWNZONES will build at least 10 dedicated Zoomin.TV apps that will allow the publisher to penetrate the mobile and OTT space for the first time, while, in turn, Zoomin.TV creates content for OWNZONES’ media content and network platforms.


The announcement was made today by OWNZONES SVP, Distribution and Partnerships, G.O. Burton. “OWNZONES is helping Zoomin.TV tap into the unrealized revenue of OTT consumption with its already-massive user base,” said Burton. “It’s a true partnership and one that we hope to continually build upon and innovate with Zoomin.TV, ultimately growing the value to OWNZONES’ existing consumer base as well.”

Wrapped in the mission statement, “Dare, Care, Share,” Zoomin.TV publishes more than 400 videos in 20+ languages daily, collaborating with some 3,500 freelance video journalists (VJs) and story hunters all around the world who are passionate about storytelling. Its news, entertainment, sports and music content feature the characters and events that are moving people and driving conversations globally.

Tapping this extensive content library, OWNZONES will mark Zoomin.TV’s foray into mobile and OTT space by developing numerous dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire. Zoomin.TV will also become a strategic customer on OWNZONES’ innovative, new OTT platform interface. The OWNZONES Connect console—already used as a media logistics platform—has been extended to encompass OTT app content management, analytics, monetization and user behavior insights. These features will be invaluable as the apps roll out, enabling Zoomin.TV to move quickly in maximizing its OTT opportunity.

“With 3.2 billion monthly impressions across our current network of platforms, Zoomin.TV’s content has enjoyed a tremendous response from viewers around the globe, but there are so many more we could reach, inform and entertain with dedicated apps for mobile devices and set-top boxes. OWNZONES is not only giving us that access for the first time, but also a means to easily manage and get the most out of the apps and their content using a system that’s truly innovative,” said Jan Riemens, CEO of Zoomin.TV.

Maximizing synergies, OWNZONES will also draw from Zoomin.TV’s expertise in producing Gen Z-targeted content to create new programming for its own OWNZONES OTT networks, including the premium, ad-supported cannabis lifestyle channel, 420TV, which is due to launch in early 2018.

About OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies

OWNZONES is a pioneering technological force that’s transforming the entertainment industry with groundbreaking innovations, from digital supply chain solutions to unique, customizable video apps. Their solutions help media companies and services deliver high-quality video content to their consumers globally, at scale and at a fraction of the standard cost. OWNZONES’ philosophy is to always go beyond the current market needs and prepare for tomorrow’s transformational technologies. With this mindset, their proprietary technology enables clients to transform, deliver and monetize their video content libraries like never before.

About Zoomin.TV

Zoomin.TV is a leading digital media company redefining content for today’s most influential audience, Gen Z. Producing over 400 videos a day in 20+ languages, Zoomin.TV is the world’s largest online video publisher. The company also operates one of the largest multi-platform networks with over 25,000 content creators globally, reaching over 3.2 billion views a month. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Zoomin.TV has 16 offices on 4 continents and is part of the leading international digital entertainment group MTG. Please visit corporate.zoomin.tv for more information.