Ownzones Discover

Customizable, Hassle-Free White Label Streaming Applications at Your Fingertips

No matter the platform or location, Ownzones Discover gives you control of your content. Our media delivery solution helps content owners leverage their content libraries to reach wider audiences, increase profit, and lead programming and marketing decisions based on robust analytics.

Key Features

Customizable & User Friendly

Rest easy with our intuitive interface that allows you to customize the content’s arrangement on screen, metadata, and app layout.

Unified User Experience

Engage your mobile audience with your own branded video apps or leverage major OTT marketplaces including Apple TV and Roku. Whether it’s web, mobile, or 10-foot, you can ensure a unified, brand-safe viewing experience.

Monetization Options

Connect directly with your viewers and increase your flow of revenue. With Discover, you have the freedom to choose an ad-based model, a subscription model, or a mixture of the two.

Engagement & Retention

Leverage our analytics to inform your programming and marketing decisions to engage more deeply with your users. Retain users better and longer with notification scheduling (push and in-app), reminding them to re-engage with content.

Platforms we develop on



There are so many more [viewers] we could reach, inform and entertain with dedicated apps for mobile devices and set-top boxes. OWNZONES is not only giving us that access for the first time, but also a means to easily manage and get the most out of the apps and their content using a system that’s truly innovative.
Jan Riemens