Everything your content needs to be everywhere.
OWNZONES Media Network is the go-to for content owners and creators who want a compelling suite of services to help them succeed in the highly competitive and ever evolving world of global OTT. Our industry-leading services include Global Distribution, Content Security, Content Programming, Content Delivery, Captioning and Subtitling as well as Contract & Service Fulfillment.


Our global distribution service group helps Cable Operators, OEM, Mobile Carriers, OTT Operators, Telecoms increase their audience reach and generate new, multiple sources of new revenue. We have strategic relationships with some of the largest cable operators and OEM vendors. OWNZONES customers get direct access to major content distributors worldwide, and we help guide them through the complex international distribution process including pricing, governmental regulations, localization services and marketing support.

Features & Benefits:
  • Key preferred vendor partnerships
  • Corporate Hub in Bucharest, Romania
  • Cloud based global product delivery service and support


Media piracy and data theft are major issues facing content creators and owners. OWNZONES Security Service is the answer. All our solutions feature the most innovative approaches to securing content and data in the EntTech space. Protecting valuable content and data privacy are a top priority through every step in our process, from envisioning and product design to engineering, testing and deployment. Our experts work closely with customers to leverage industry frameworks such as Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Content Security Best Practices, to help reach our common goal of securing assets.

Features & Benefits:
  • Content security program maturity assessments
  • MPAA Content Security Model implementation
  • Security tools, controls design & implementation support


We provide internal staffing and support for fulfillment of studio library delivery service needs. We also work with existing delivery services teams to organize/prep source files for needed deliveries, and also with existing purchase order systems, rights management data, and sales teams to clear contracts for ordering deliverables. We can submit orders to existing vendors, for contractual fulfillment of deliverables, and assist in approving and processing of invoices as needed.

What our clients say:

“OWNZONES Media Network has been instrumental in helping us to navigate digital distribution. We consider them a key partner helping to ensure we stay relevant in the multi-platform world.”- Cater Lee, VP of Programming, E.W. Scripps Company
“While growing Magnolia’s partnership with OWNZONES Media Network, I’ve become extremely confident in their OTT technology capabilities.”- Jeff Cuban, COO, Mark Cuban Entertainment Properties
“We have seen a lot of tech pitches – what sets OWNZONES Media Network apart is that not only have they been able to accommodate any technical request we’ve thrown at them but they’ve also added a lot of value above and beyond, ”- Simon Graty, EVP & GM, Domestic Networks