The future of video is the Interoperable Master Format (IMF)

Interoperable Master Format technology (IMF) means a single, interoperable master file format that allows you to create multiple distribution formats from the same composition. Instead of building multiple video files for each country & format, create one IMF and add the localized metadata. It saves you time, cost, storage and allows for unprecedented flexibility.


Dramatically Lower Costs

The heavy costs of storage, delivery and manpower can be dramatically reduced thanks to IMF packages. It’s a simplified solution that scales without increasing cost. A dream come true for your finance department.

Minimize Storage

Reduce overhead around storage by archiving different versions of your content using IMF. The shift will dramatically decrease long term storage cost, thus increasing your profit margins. With IMF you only have to store differences between versions of video files (megabytes), not long‐play video files (hundreds of gigabytes).

Reduce Errors

By following the specifications of IMF, files can be easily automated and conformed for deliveries, which reduces human error. IMF files metadata (e.g., channel mapping, color space information) comes in-band with physical assets, decreasing the opportunity for human error. IMF also allows for automation for downstream file transcoding.

Improved Video Quality

Thanks to direct access to high quality IMF masters, you’re able to ensure the best video quality, no matter where it’s distributed.

Highly Flexible Versioning

IMF’s offer the best option for incremental changes (fixes or compliance edits, localizations, etc.) and redeliveries. For example, adding dubs, subs, or an entirely different ending to a movie. With IMF’s flexibility, you can rest assured that change doesn’t mean hundreds of dollars and hours of your time.

How IMF format works:

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