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We boast an executive team with over 70+ years of accumulated experience and a team of 70 engineers, content operators and video experts.

The team has worked hard to establish an innovation-first culture that pushes every employee to think not just about how to solve today’s problems, but tomorrow’s as well. Additionally, with decades of experience at companies such as Amazon, HBO, Netflix and Microsoft (to name a few), as well as building our own OTT platforms, we can empathize with the challenges you face better than any other partner.

Using that experience, empathy and innovative thinking, we’ve positioned Ownzones to disrupt an inefficient and costly system with a streamlined, all-in-one suite of solutions.

We know you will love it. Just check out what others have said.

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We know that in order to provide you with the best solution we need to be flexible and innovative, not just in the technology we build, but also in the friends we make.

That’s why we’ve been certified as a Microsoft Managed Partner, as well as Dolby Vision certified.

Every day OWNZONES strengthens our offering by working with industry leaders in OTT, video supply chain and entertainment. And with each client we take on, we adapt to their needs and strengthen our offering so that they can achieve their goals.

Simply put, if you achieve your goals, we’re achieving ours.

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Our suite of products helps you retain control of content and distribution, reach global audiences and stay on top of video technology transformations. Forget about working with 30 disconnected vendors, all with their own set of guidelines and issues. OWNZONES lets you reclaim control of your content and the distribution process, no matter where it’s being watched or on what platform.

Best of all: Our platform is unrestricted by speed or technological limitations and expensive overheads.

We’re cost-efficient, agile and forward-thinking. Why wait? Contact us today.

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As a former content owner and distributor, we understand the overwhelming cost of processing and delivering content. You can forget about expensive overheads with us. Our innovative cost structure focuses only on operational needs.

It doesn’t stop there. As consumer demand changes and video formats evolve, we’ll help guide you to the best and most cost-effective solution. Contact us to schedule a demo and get a quote.

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With a future-ready cloud architecture powered by OWNZONES, Magnolia Pictures is well equipped to deliver an engaging online entertainment experience for movie lovers any time and every time.
Jeff Cuban
COO of Mark Cuban Entertainment Properties